Beach Nights – Post-Production Aftermath

Another trip to the beach – another day of learning. We spent about two hours at the beach last night, had dinner, and of course, I took a ton of photos just before the rain set in on Dania Beach. As my confidence grows in finding quality shots and moments, proper exposure and decent angles – my frustration is growing with the Adobe Lightroom and post-production learning curve.

To date, I have not once researched post-production, which outside of exposure is likely the most important aspect , exported the CR2 raw image files as high-res JPEGs… and then read up on how to properly color-correct images. Some of the close up shots of my wife and daughter turned out fantastic, however, finding a good post-production color balance on some of the landscape beach photography proved challenging. I may be putting too much emphasis on over correcting images that already look decent.

I have to take everything into considering moving forward – color calibration for my monitor,  proper photo editing techniques, and without an Adobe Lightroom tutorial. Next Saturday is a big photo day, as I will set up an in-home studio and shoot our 4-month old daughter and a friend’s baby. This will be the true test to see if I have the raw talent to continue in this photographic journey. In the meantime, here’s another round of images from last night’s beach visit in Dania, FL.

Beach Nights-4
Beach Nights-10 Beach Nights-13 Beach Nights-14 Beach Nights-15 Beach Nights-25 Beach Nights-30 Beach Nights-31 Beach Nights-32 Beach Nights-35 Beach Nights-38 Beach Nights-39 Beach Nights-42 Beach Nights-45 Beach Nights-46 Beach Nights-51 Beach Nights-50 Beach Nights-49 Beach Nights-47 Beach Nights-52 Beach Nights-55 Beach Nights-53 Beach Nights-60 Beach Nights-59 Beach Nights-61