Top 10 Reasons Photography Is Like Golf

My wife and I have been traveling to local destinations a lot lately. This past Sunday we took a scenic drive down to Bill Baggs State Park in Key Biscayne. It’s a great park with plenty of beautiful views and fantastic photo opportunities. I had a revelation on this trip that photography is a lot like golf – it’s a great hobby, but will humble you quickly – one minute you have a great shot, and then snap… your next shot is far off in the weeds.

Top 10 Reasons Photography Is Like Golf

  1.  You never really know where your shot will land – what looks like a great photo through the lens finder could end up being a disaster in post-production.
  2.  Just like in golf, the weather can wreak havoc on your photo game – too much sun, and you have to fight off glare (better keep a polarizer handy), and too overcast and it’s a battle to figure out ISO settings, aperture, and whether or not to use a flash.
  3.  Traveling to a prettier, more expensive course doesn’t make your game better – when I first bought the Canon EOS 80D, I was taking photos around the house, and they were U-G-L-Y. I thought traveling to The Keys and Key Biscayne would dramatically change my photos. Oh, the scenery was definitely prettier, but the outcome in some cases, not so much.
  4.  The tools don’t make the player, the player makes the tools – you can have the best gear and equipment in the world, but if you don’t practice, and don’t know how to use them – they are no good. Practice makes perfect.
  5.  Your surroundings matter – Just because you have a perfect line of sight between you and the target, it doesn’t mean your shot will turn out how you expected. Just like in golf, when taking pictures with an advanced camera you must be aware of your surroundings and look around the entire view finder before you set up and take your shot.
  6.  You have to clean your gear after playing in the sand – after a day of shooting at the beach, you must ensure you clean off your gear – turns out those pesky particles of sugar sand and your $2,000 worth of lenses and gear don’t play nice together.
  7.  Dressing like a million bucks won’t make your game better – that’s right, you might look smooth and stylish in those threads, but your shots won’t turn out better and chances are you just look like a douche.
  8. Having the nicest or most expensive gear doesn’t make you a pro – see #7 above.
  9. Your wife or girlfriend doesn’t want to ride along with you – at first it seems like a great idea, your wife or girlfriend agrees to ride with you all day long while you shoot, but once she realizes photography is a lot like golf – a game of patience – she’ll be ready to scream.
  10. When you hit the perfect shot it’s one you will remember and talk about – just like in golf, that one drive you hit 300+ yards, or that one time you hit the green from 150 out with your 5-iron – that one time you had the perfect exposure, and perfect lighting, you will be talking about it like National Geographic just picked it up for their monthly best roundup.

I have learned the hard way that photography is a lot like golf, it will humble you quickly. This was a fun post to write. I hope you enjoy the following gallery of the photos I took at Bill Baggs State Park in Key Biscayne. You will notice that in some cases there are two of the same or similar shots, but different color correction treatment. Post-production color correction has been a learning process as well.

As always, feel free to leave me your comments.

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